Sunderland (UK) based anthemic alt-rock outfit RAYNE unveil their new single "Silently Screaming".

Free to stream ahead of its official release, the track is an insight into new material the long-serving British act are producing for their follow-up album to 2017 's "Complex By Design". As ambitious and uncompromising as ever, "Silently Screaming" delivers a melodically addictive dose of what you'd expect from the guys - seismic guitar tones, multi-layered synths, driving rock rhythms, earworm hook-lines and epic stadium rock overtones. Having wielded their craft for over 20 years together, RAYNE allies Ben Potts (Vox/Bass), Adam Dagg (Guitar/Synths) and Steven "Nez" Naisbet (Drums/Samples) are a formidable force and creative unit. Melding traditional guitar band tropes with fresher electronic sounds, RAYNE are poised to deliver more material this year - that may well cement their reputation as a band who relentlessly push the boundaries of their musical direction.

A must "check out" band for fans of The Killers, 30 Seconds To Mars, Imagine Dragons, Muse, Coldplay and U2.

Silently Screaming by Rayne



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