Blue Apollo - Youth

"When You Ask For Rain" is the all new upcoming EP release to come from indie pop rockers Blue Apollo. But before that gets its release the first official material off it comes forth titled "Youth". This first new single taken from the EP, takes away inspiration from such bands as Young The Giant and Maroon 5. So then their material must sound alike lot those acts, which it does believe it or not.

It is very upbeat, catchy, and has lots of energy to spare for itself. It's one of those tracks you would hear while out on the town, whether that be in a night club setting, local party, or just with some friends or your special someone. It's a track that comes on, to lighten the environment you are at.
Being again just very catchy and upbeat in its given tone, vocalization, it all comes together nicely. It brings out not just a vibration of similarities between Young The Giant and Maroon 5 but some elements to All Time Low, in terms of styling. Those guys having this edginess to them but it remains fluid and flows uncontrollably. Like how the melodies of the music picks up throughout this track, keeps it ever flowing. It just becomes a non-stop fun time with a track such as "Youth".

Blue Apollo being an act of its time, to branch outward, creating a uniqueness that others before them, may have done as well, except how these guys make "Youth", so joyful and fulfilling is flawless. Most likely the rest of the EP's working's will be a lot like this, if not even better, capturing an essence that is cherished and always remembered.

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