Witch Mountain Releases New Song "Mechanical World"

Witch Mountain, who recently announced the May 25 release of their self-titled album via Svart, stream their new track "Mechanical World",it's a cover of Spirit's 1968 single.

"As my Spirit LP collection grew, I played this song for Rob Wrong," explains Nate Carson. "He recognized the riff because it had been sampled in the Brother Ali song, ‘Sleepwalker’. That was cool because it meant we each had a connection to the song, from different angles. We both thought 'Mechanical World' was classic, unique. So we played it for Justin and Kayla in the tour van, and they both latched onto it immediately. We especially liked hearing a woman sing these lyrics without changing the pronouns. That always freshens things up. Our arrangement is the same as the original but tuned down a few steps to make it heavier."

Check out the song here: https://soundcloud.com/nathan-carson-783351518/mechanical-world-a-spirit.

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