The Fell Swoop - Magick Thing

As soon as the "Magick Thing" started playing by The Fell Swoop, it was a track out of whole another era! Literally, upon the first musical note, you are taken aback by its musical style of approach. Likely said style, being out of the 60's to 70's time frame. For that matter, The Fell Swoop's style is a combination of the past era, think disco, funk, pop, dance with some soul and that is how this little "Magick Thing" gets the beats a moving.

With that being said, this track is just not of the past kinds, but more modernized as well. It's like the music keeps the listener occupied throughout its entirety. It not being a sole track that gets boring immediately but one that becomes fun and highly entertaining. The Fell Swoop, brought to mind Earth, Wind, and Fire quite a bit when listening in to this particular track.

It's crazy how the two acts, who are very different, sound so much alike at times, just a tad it makes the music more exciting even. Just listening to the melodies alone, set up by "Magick Thing", makes this track a reason behind why one of the genres is "dance". That is just how the track makes you feel like doing from start to finish really.

As for the band themselves, The Fell Swoop, their style is classic yet energized. Lots of momentum, adrenaline, and progression through and through. Surely being their music just gets you pumped! Most likely the real reasoning behind even listening to their tunes in the first place. "Magick Thing", is just the right source material of a track, that will keep The Fell Swoop on their feet, and you as the listener as well.

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