The Blacktones' Aaron Discusses a Bit of Everything including Music!

Stoner, sludge, alternative metal band The Blacktones, have had some material of theirs been released over time. But at the present time,all new music is a process in the making, with videos to follow, and tours to commence as well. Frontman vocalist Aaron Tolu discusses the band's music, name, formation, and future!

1. Give a brief history of your band, and the members.

Aaron: Hi! Aaron’s here. Gianni (bass) and Sergio (guitars)  started this project in 2011 and now the band is a bit changed: beside them, there’s me on vocals, Maurizio Mura on drums and Paolo Mulas on guitars. We published one EP with Simone Utzeri on vocals, our first full length in 2015 with me replacing Simone and our new album “The Day We Shut Down The Sun” in 2017.

2. Where did you get the idea for the band name, you planned it or came out just like that?

Aaron: The name tries to evocative the music we do. Music with black tones, instrumentally and by the lyrics, and so we get to....The Blacktones.

3. What genre does the band play and why did you want to play this particular genre?

Aaron: We describe ourselves as a sludge metal band,  and the main reason is because we like it to play like that very much. But our  boundaries are not carved in stone, we just play and made our music without sticking on a genre too much.

4. Did you know each other before the band was formed?

Aaron: We all met at metal concerts, in different times. Gianni asked Sergio to form the band because he met him before, and when then their former drummer was off the band asked Maurizio to join them because they know him very well. I met them at a gig where our bands were involved, and they were so awesome playing that when they asked me to join them I could not say no.

5. Do you write your own songs?

Aaron: Yes we do, and it's very important to us! Sometimes Sergio or Gianni came up with a new song or riffs and we rehearse until the song is ready! That's the whole story.

6. What are the songs about?

Aaron: All lyrics are about humanity and society, and the destruction of their values in modern times but generally everything hits us or shock us, from a personal moment of our lifes to just a movie, could be a potential topic

7. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Aaron: Our influences are the alternative and grunge bands of the nineties, like Pantera, Tool, and Alice In Chains, to name a few. Movies, TV shows, and some Alan Moore comics inspired lyrics in the new album and the concept itself. Songs like "Nowhere Man", the title track and "The Upside Down" are the results of those influences.

8. What releases do you have under your belts thus far into your career as musicians?

Aaron: As we said at the beginning we have now an EP (2012) and two full albums (2015, 2017). We also play in other bands (Elepharmers, Acts Of Tragedy, Dogmathica, Shardana), and with them we contribute with their official releases.

9. Do you have any new music in the works at this time?

Aaron: We’re just at the beginning but yes, we have a new bunch of riffs to work with. It’s very cool stuff, can’t wait to work to the next album!

10. What other plans do you have for this year?

Aaron: We’re still promoting the album, but we are working on some official videos we want to show this year. We’re planning also a mini tour outside Sardinia (our homeland)! Thank you for your time and for this awesome interview. Hope to see you on tour! Bye!

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