Rhett Repko - Before She Knows

Rhett Repko's most recent works comes out of the recording studio, where time was spent recording a new single that is called "Before She Knows". This track being briefly demoed through a video log of his recent outing to said studio, where the final official version was put together. So how does this track compare to his latest release "Thnx for the Ride" EP that just came out late last year. Well this track is nothing like his previous EP. There are slight similarities between them, but this new material takes a step away from the EP works, creating its own identity.

Like how the EP's material mixes more pop rock tones, whereas the new material is more pop mixed with alternative, creating this angst, yet spunky feeling to it. As if All Time Low had worked alongside Rhett Repko upon this release, is what this track "Before She Knows", brings forth. It's that crossing of already know one act, meets an up-and-comer no one is not so familiar with but will be with this stand alone single provided here.

"Before She Knows", has this edginess, yet catchiness to it, the tone being upbeat while also heavy as well. You will surely find yourself stomping your feet, if not bobbing your head to the beat. Plus it has one tight riff of the guitars, that makes the drums come in sharp yet hard. Allowing for the vocalization, to create this circular tone, that is endless, it becomes repetitive in a good way.

If by now, you have not heard of a guy named Rhett Repko, then you will surely discover him, after finding out about this song. Otherwise, looking into him anyway, will not disappoint you, because the way he is taking his music here, is showing his growth and development as an artist, not just a musician.


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