RFG - Blue Angel

Having been playing all over the Midwest for over 20 years and counting, RGF have perfected their unique sound. With that said, RGF is the same band who brought forth their last single "Spanish Orange", where the video had monkey's running amuck. Now that an all new single called "Blue Angel", is making the rounds, just how much more unique can RFG take themselves within  their own music.

Funny you should say such a thing, because just as "Spanish Orange", had done with its video and overall track, the "Blue Angel", track is so much more grounded than the previous number. "Blue Angel", is not just grounded, but mellow driven. The beat of the instrumentals is groovy yet upbeat, whilst the vocalization side, makes it all worth wild.

When it comes together, the material is very unknowing. Like part of the time it sounds very mellow, when the next minute it gets loud and proud, screaming rowdily. It's a mix-up really, allowing for it, to be more of a toss-up of punk, rock, and alternative, being a fair trade off of a bit of everything perhaps.

 RFG's style is just downright entertaining with also being loads of fun. Their music tends to do that sort of thing, it makes it all worth listening in on. Their style is so catching, that many will take notice, letting this act showcase what they can do with music, because it is what makes them so unique, as they have said prior. As it of course suites them so well, there is no harm in that.


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