Raw In Sect Releases Video for "Arena"

Raw In Sect's hometown of Athens is the basis for new single "Arena", taken from the band's upcoming third album "Kitro".

Commenting on the song and video, lead vocalista/guitarist Kostas Diamandis says: ""Arena" is tied with Athens like a wordplay. In Greek it’s called "Athena" so the words resemble each other. The song/video is a hymn about the city itself. The traffic, the worn out buildings, the people, the stray cats and dogs and of course the streets are all part of what composes various parts of the city that you won’t find in tourist guides." Continuing ""Arena" is meant to depict the routine/everyday life of normal people and what one sees in a real walk through the city. We wanted to do this as the city itself has been a great source of inspiration throughout the entire record and are sure it’s going to inspire the viewers as well."

Kostas also says: ""Kitro" is about accepting things in order to grow. Arena is about pulling yourself together in an endless routine and accepting that situation. Therion is about getting in touch with the beast within you and accepting your primitive instincts – so each song is different, but they are all tied together. For example, there is another song on the record called Trauma that describes how an individual is emotionally tied to his/her wounds, they're addicted to them, making them a source of motivation, so they have to accept that in order heal themselves."

Check out the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t71oxiuhu2Q.

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