Leather Jacks - The Lost Arks Of Rock and Roll

Mauro Cordeiro, one man whose dream became a reality in just a matter of time. For it was this man whose raw source of talents, ranging from being a singer, writer, guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist, had created a project that would fuse together the best of modern day music. Taking on the modernized melodic hard rock genre as well as the traditional heavy metal genres to make an act so power hungry it would be called Leather Jacks!

In June 2016, Leather Jacks would be made, and in just one year's time, Leather Jackets would have written, recorded, and finished releasing their first debut album titled "The Lost Arks Of Rock and Roll". Which was written, arranged, produced, and recorded, voices and all the instruments included, along with the mixing done by Mauro Cordeiro. Mastering was done through an online service called "eMastered" in partnership with Mauro.

All of this would then lead for Leather Jacks to release the album's first single titled "Burning Wire", that also released an official music video release as well, it being directed by Caike Scheffer. "Burning Wire", would be a pleaser of sorts, as it is your standardized infusion of metal and rock music, think of Dio, Wasp or even Iron Maiden. Another track that sounds a lot like "Burning Wire", would probably be "Leatherjacks", because both have such a solid ground, that they just make such beautiful music, with the guitars throughout each of the tracks, it is flawless work. Whereas other numbers like "Emotions On Sale", is a ballad track, having some guitar work, showcasing how the vocals really sound so gripping, it grasps the listener immediately. As for the other tracks off this particular album, it would have to include such as "The Slammer" and "Do You Fucking Pay My Bills" These just being yet another very solid pieces of work.

Overall really, "The Lost Arks Of Rock and Roll", is so chalk full of raw aggression, the material just falls into placing really. It's heaviness, edgy, yet full on momentum to its fullest of possibilities. It makes the material very grounded yet lots of fun to listen in on. Leather Jacks is an act to keep an eye out for, because they will likely become the next big thing to come out of the rock/metal scene in a long while.

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