Laederbraun Releases New Album"Ade"

Laederbraun is an Italian rock project that has its roots in the picturesque province of Lecco. The group was born from an idea of ​​Simone Goretti (guitarist composer) flanked by the inseparable drummer Antonio Romano, who brings together around him some artists to give body to the whole.
In fact, the entry of the little more than twenty years Isabella Conca, the bass of Gionata Montanelli and the cello of Michele Nasatti become part of the band.

Presentation of Hades: Why title an album "Ade"? Because "Ade", is the everyday: "Ade", is the space within which we move every day, a space characterized by dangers, by strokes of luck, by chance, joys, loves, pains, betrayals, space where everything could change or not, at any moment, if only we wanted it. A sort of daily "hell" in which to survive is rather difficult. The album is available on both physical (CD) and "virtual" (BandCamp and Spotify)

Purchase the album here:

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