Johnny and the Bootlegs - NYC Rags

When the likes of blues, punk, and rock were said about Johnny and the Bootlegs, this is true, on what they wanted their music to sound like and they make it work fine and dandy. This combination of music being heard upon their debut self-titled album released back in 2017 with the follow-up release coming in the form of an EP titled "NYC Rags".

Now when listening to their material first hand, their first album was cited for take influence from acts ranging from ZZ Top to Green Day all the way to Jimi Hendrix's works. This may be an influential to them, but within their music working's within this album and the follow-up EP release, it is provided at times, but not completely. Johnny and the Bootlegs' style is far from those other acts. Their style is more modernized, original, and very throwback to those acts more or less.

Like on tracks like "NYC Woman", "Wings", and "Thrift Shop", loads of energy is put into effect, while the blues, rock, and punk vibes keep everything moving and grooving. It is really how their music plays out really. It's fun, energetic, and very straight forward to the point. If you like acts like the ones they take influence from, then you can hear some moments taken from them, while other moments are original and unique.

Their music in general, is just blues, punk, rock, music that is being freshened for the modern times of day. It going on to being another band, that has got something to say, with a style that is still appealing today, but keeps the music they create, decent and fair.

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