Granshaw - Bloody Hands Clear Conscience

For the past 10 years now, Granshaw out of Kentucky, have been playing countless shows for so many years, there just has to be a lot more coming. Which likely is happening, but before that even takes place, the band have been hard at work upon what is their new EP entitled "Bloody Hands, Clear Conscience". They want all to know about this little EP, because it will be the piece of work to get them places, even further than previously.

With that, the EP opens with "Force Fed Violence", a rather brutalizing type of track, right at the start. It then goes right into the other various tracks like "The Reckoning" and "Killing Epidemic". Which follow the same sort of pattern as the opener had done. Demonstrating more or less, heaviness, vocalization that has no bounds, with an even intense aspect of just sucking you right into the swell of it all at once. It just reminds you of other acts within the metal genre, such as Unearth blended with a good mixture of Fear Factory, is likely whom you will get after listening to an act such as Granshaw.

This EP though, is just purely intense through and through. It captures the essence of metal to its fullest contents if imaginable. Taking you on a deliverance of expectation. Like for instance, the brutality of the music, is delivering in such energy, it makes the force of it all, come at you. You just get rushed so many emotions, you feel angry, calm, yet hyper its channels through, taking you through each one as the music goes through each of the tracks off this EP.

Granshaw's style purely and simply metal. Hands down, a collection of material, that will show itself, igniting something that has been around for a while, but will not fade away so easily. This act is here for the taking, and this EP will showcase just that.

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