Gentlemen and Scholars - Cruisin'

Rock n' rollers Gentlemen and Scholars, was born and bred in southern Indiana, where since their debut album that was released independently in 2008, several other albums followed suit. "The Record, the Keepsake, and the Thief" (2008), "The Fault" (2009), "Bad Apples" (2011), "Thick as Mud" (2013), and most recent album to date "Revelry" (2017). Before that album came to be, the not only released three albums prior to it, but one live album "Gentlemen and Scholars: Live at Lamasco" (2016) and two singles "County Hound Ramble" (2014) and "Live Wire" (2015). But returning to their latest efforts "Revelry", a track of theirs off it titled "Cruisin'", is the one making all of the noise off this sole release of an album.

"Cruisin'", is the track that is in the middle of the album, like the "hump day" of the week, getting over that hill, as the remainder of that week continues onward beforehand, you get hit with a track such as this one. This being not just rock n' roll based content, but it is a mixture of several genres, rock n' roll, indie rock, indie, and blues rock too.

By combining such an assortment of genres, Gentlemen and Scholars, has created more of a modernized style to their sound. It makes the material more grounded, as it becomes toned to being fun yet entertaining as well. In other words, the music just flows, making this undeniable source of melody and energy that guides it all into a circular fashion that it becomes endless.

The track just has this tactic as being outsourced progression, that keeps vocals and instrumentals in touch with one another. Everything working together as one, as opposed to separately, that it brings this connection that makes it soar. It just works this way, being upbeat, catchy, and again fun.

In the end, it is a track that will get you through the album, as well as your week, because it offers so much, there is nothing to resist it. Gentlemen and Scholars, have an album that works in their favor, with an accompanying track, to keep it together.

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