Corusco's Carlos Beats Out the Meaning Behind the Band, Music, and More!

Trio act Corusco, have been making their rounds, playing shows, writing music, with more plans underway as it is, the band will be releasing their debut album titled "Wake". Their new single from the album called "New Year", is making waves of them known with more to follow suite. Drummer Carlos Garza discusses the band, their music, the album, and what else they want to do as a band, as the future never looked brighter!

1. First of all, please introduce your band and band members to our readers.

Carlos: Hey, we’re a band called Corusco. My name is Carlos Garza, and I play drums. Then we have Phil Baugh on bass and Aaron Gonzalez up front on guitar and lead vocals.

2. How did you guys meet and all. Also, is there any special story behind the band's name?

Carlos: We all met through the local scene, playing in different bands in Bryan, TX. There’s a really tight-knit community here, and we’ve been lucky enough to grow up in such a welcoming environment. The band’s name comes from the word for light shining off water, "to coruscate." It represents the idea that (like light flashing off and on), there is a dark and light aspect to everything, that opposites can exist inside of a person, and how that light always leads back to hope.

3. Is there a reason for choosing the music genre that you did?

Carlos: There was a little bit of tug and pull when we first started playing music together. The band originally started as Aaron’s solo acoustic project, and slowly grew into the entity it is now. I came from a background of playing really heavy music, Aaron was doing the "singer songwriter with a reverb pedal" thing, and Phil has a head full of fat bass riffs. When we all got in a room together for the first time, somehow all of that molded together to become the loud edgy indie sound that you can hear on all of our new songs.

4. Can you please tell us about the concept and lyrical themes of all your work?

Carlos: It all ties back into the meaning behind our name. Learning how to cope with and understand how joy and sorrow can be felt at the same time is such a weird thing. A lot of songs deal with loss, death, heartbreak, and depression, but we always try and make it about finding hope.

5. What or whom inspires the music that you create?

Carlos: Playing and creating music is such an emotional, cathartic experience. I’m super into the feeling of putting everything I have into hitting a drum as hard as my body’ll let me, and I think that definitely shows if you ever have the chance to see us live.

I think Phil and Aaron share that sentiment, but in slightly different ways. Phil is all about sitting in a groove. He gets so stoked on matching a riff up with a kick drum pattern and that feeling of moving a crowd with a strong solid rhythm section. Aaron is totally a heart-on-his-sleeve writer and performer. The guy has a way with words, and I think it inspires him to see his lyrics and our music move people the way music has moved us.

6. Tell me about your recent single release called "New Year"?

Carlos: It’s a silly love song that is about a cinematic first kiss that took place on New Year’s Eve. We were really excited to put it out first because it has a lot of aspects of who we are. It’s an energetic rock song at its core but it also has really intimate and tender moments. The reaction has been really positive, so it’s been great.

7. That track comes off your album "Wake", so tell me what goes through your head about this being a debut album for you guys?

Carlos: I don’t think that my mind has really processed what this record is for us. If I could go back in time and tell my younger self that I would write and release an album, I definitely wouldn’t have believed myself. I think it’ll all feel real on May 25th when we put it out in the world. More than anything, I’m just stoked for people to hear it.

8. Did you ever see the band reach this point, with at least releasing an album, and single, or you did not think of it like that at all?

Carlos: I think we’ve all wanted to play music for so long, that when we finally found a group where we all really clicked, we just ran with it full force and as hard as we could. I think we all knew that we’d release an album when we first got in a room together and started writing, but it was never something that we took for granted. We are incredibly lucky to be where we are today.

9. Why should the people go forth and check out "Wake" and it's single for "New Year"?

Carlos: Wake is an emotional record. Each song feels a window into a very powerful moment, and I’d hope that people could listen and be moved how we were when writing these songs and how we continue to be moved when we play them live.

New Year is a good taste of what the record is like as a whole. It feels like the world is slowing down for a beautiful moment, you know? It’s definitely one of my favorites on the record.

10. What are the future plans ahead for you guys?

Carlos: We’re going to be releasing "Wake" on May 25th 2018. We also have a few shows across Texas to celebrate, and we’re planning a release tour for the record starting late summer. We’re really stoked to get back out on the road. Which means lots of fast food and sleeping on floors. Living the dream!

11. Is there anything else you would like to say to the future fans of Corusco?

Carlos: Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to us. We appreciate it more than you know. Check us out at or follow us on Twitter and Instagram (@coruscomusic) to be the first to know when we’re coming through your city! We love meeting new people, and we’d love to hear from you!

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