Cat Company - Self-Titled

Cat Company, is believe it or not, not an actual cat based company, but the name of a band. Indeed true, progressive post hardcore band named Cat Company, have got a debut EP taking on the "Self-Titled" approach, with content that is as they said, "progressive post hardcore" material.

But upon listening in, their works sound an awfully lot like other modernized acts like Pierce The Veil or Sleeping With Sirens, have that progressive element of instrumentals, whilst the vocal aspect hits home with the post hardcore senses. In other words, their vocals have clean cut vocals, mixed in with screaming vocals, put them together to have a half and half tossup of creativity that is a lot like the others mentioned prior.

Not saying that this is a bad thing, but more of a good thing. Their style is familiar which makes Cat Company's EP that more unique. Like take for instance, such tracks as "Maroon Sweater", "Sad Dance", and "Firestarter", "Sad Dance", being the band's debut single, and the glimpse into how they will be taking their material moving forward. "Sad Dance", was again, the ideal track, to get all into whom Cat Company was as a whole. Whilst the other tracks like "Maroon Sweater" and "Firestarter", introduce their style on a more expandable basis. It's like the tracks become more developed, have a growth of texture, that makes the material worth wild.

As if, the band wanted their works to be more on the level, but be kept well grounded as well. For example, the whole sum of the "Self-Titled", EP, is far in-between what their works could truly become. This demonstrating what they can do thus far, their works in this EP, ever flowing, that it becomes flawless, vibrant, and packs in that punch that has you wanting more from them.

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