Blue Stahli Releases "Not Over Til We Say So (feat. Emma Anzai) [Rabbit Junk Remix]

Seattle based digital hardcore artist/producer Rabbit Junk (JP Anderson), collides with Blue Stahli in his industrial remix of "Not Over Til We Say So" (feat. Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies). Combining elements of thrash metal with electronic beats and chopped up vocals, Rabbit Junk counter-balances the track's aggression with the melodic hooks and anthemic chorus vocals of the original. The track is out today via Detroit based independent record label, FiXT.

"My little aphorism for this year has been "unstoppable." Like, I get a mountain of projects done and I say to myself "that's right, unstoppable" to try and fend off that existential exhaustion prowling in the back of my mind. Or maybe I get hit with something overwhelming and I say to myself, "no worries, you're unstoppable". It's a coping mechanism. So FiXT asks me to do a Blue Stahli remix and the choice was clear, Not Over Til We Say So - it's all about being unstoppable!" - Rabbit Junk

Listen Now:

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