A Prey For Sunday Mentions of More to Come, Starting with the New Album!

Florida based metal band A Prey For Sunday, are currently in the process of writing and recording towards their debut album. They have spent some time playing shows on and off, wanting so much more, to do just that, wanting more from what they can do, as an up-and-coming type of band. The whole band got together, to discuss the new album, and just what more they plan to do!

1. What type of band are you?

A Prey For Sunday, is a collective metal band, composed of mixtures of post modernized hardcore, punk, and other "core" sub genres, like metalcore and hardcore.

2. Tell us the brief history of your band.

The band originated in person with singer Bonez and bassist Evan. Later on from Florida locals Hexx, Ace, and Tom would met in a drum line. Ace and Bonez were long time friends, from their high school band called "Deaths Head Troops". Hexx and Tom were introduced to the band from mall ratting around. Bonez and Ace had just then decided to form a band with them, and this is where we ended up.

3. How did you get the name A Prey For Sunday?

The name A Prey For Sunday, originated in prison, because Sunday was church day, the only day we could get our hands on a real instrument. So we would "PRAY for Sunday", which was originally the name. Later, the name had changed because we didn't feel like keening towards the religious crowd, plus most of us had no religion or anti-religious beliefs. So the name had changed to "A Prey For Sunday",because we felt like the religious fanatics were the predators and we were the prey that they feasted on. Most religions either wanted us to be a part of their beliefs, because we were different or would feed off of our physical appearance.

4. Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Musical influences, would definitely be a lot of the classic rockers, who invented music, such as Andy Mcoy, Michael Angelo Batio, and pretty much the whole Dean guitars team guitar-wise. As far as people and bands, they are Nofx, Black 182, Slayer, and Lamb Of God. If we could, we would mix Randy Blyth's type of vocals, with drum and guitar aspects of classic thrash and post modern bands like Bullet for my Valentine and Megadeth. That would be perfect lol!

5. Who writes the songs, what are they about?

Definitely all Bonez! That guy is a genius! Our older stuff was more personal and emotional, towards ex-girlfriends and stuff like that. Only later would the aggression towards cults and religion would fall into place. Then it would pretty much change again with attacking online bullies, sluts, idiots, God's hate and calling people out pretty much lol!

6. What has the band released as far as material goes?

The band has so far released our first self-titled EP via Soundcloud as a FREE download. To those fans who has requested our CD's with bonus tracks, have received as such. upon our YouTube channel, Bonez and Hexx, pretty much do it all, from the VLogs, talk about shows, updates, live segments of vocal and guitar takes etc. We're currently working on a new album, that is WAY more technical and talented than our previous EPs styling of boring metalcore/djenty style.

7. Do you have any new music in the works?

Totally! Bonez has 6-tracks already in the works. This new album is going to be a lot better because we are working with many different bands. As well as growing up as a whole, learning how to play better as individuals, all of us starting to write our own parts, making it for s super sick new sound!

8. How do you promote your band?

Well we stay pretty much underground. BUT! Metal Moose Coffee is a super awesome PR company. The guy in charge, has been our promo guy as of recently. We will be featured in the Metal Moose/soundcheck Radio piece. Plus have been playing shows all over the U.S.and Canada within the past year. Unfortunately though, we just got our photographer on the team, so we haven't had the chance to upload any new video or photos just yet. But we will really soon! We do have the assortment of social media pages, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Soundcloud! We're still expanding, also in talks with Hoogie from WBGear, he is definitely going to hook us up with some sponsors, discounts, and endorsements too! Up until now, everything has been word of mouth, in local towns and across the states as well.

9. What's coming up for shows and touring?

We just got back from what we call, our suicide mission. Which was basically a winter tour through the U.S.and Canada, in 2 vans and a bus that had caught on fire! For future shows, we SHOULD be featured at that Ragefest, but pretty much just are doing Florida shows for now. All doing local shows, saving up money, while recording our new album. So if you live in Florida, keep an eye and ear open!

10. Have any other plans for this year lined-up?

Our plans for this year, would be to finish the album, meet and play with more bands, shows, save money, make money,and meet some of our fans and supporters. As well as, knock out some interviews and features, like this one! Thanks again so much for having us, it means a lot!

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