Blameshift's Jenny Gives Insight, Touring Outcome and the Plans Ahead

Blameshift have announced a co-headlining tour alongside The Nearly Deads, but before that takes place, the band goes into detail about their history, current music releases, other projects in-between, and what the future holds for them. Frontwoman vocalist Jenny Mann talks of all of these matters if not more!

1. Give a brief history of Blameshift, music style, and the members.

Jenny: Blameshift is a 4 piece rock band based out of Long Island, NY. We are high energy rock that you can sing along to. I am the lead singer, Tim Barbour is the guitar player (and founding member), Mike LaRoche is our bass player and Jeff Maurer is the drummer.

2. Blameshift, does the name mean blame and a shift of that meaning or does it not have a meaning to go by?

Jenny: When we first came up with the name it was so fitting because we would blame each other for everything. We just kept shifting the blame. Since then, the word "blameshift" is now in the urban dictionary!

3. Can you give me more details, some information about your latest EP "Heart Of Stone", and how well it sells?

Jenny: We released Heart of Stone a little over a year ago. It is definitely our best music to date and we are really proud of it. The first single, "Tell me it's Alright" went to radio and did really well. The second single, "Monster" we did a music video for which has almost 125,000 views on YouTube!

4. Are you currently signed or unsigned with a label?

Jenny: We are currently unsigned.

5. What should labels/zines/promoters know about your band? Why should they be interested in it?

Jenny: We are a hard working, self sufficient band that has built a business from the ground up with the help of our loyal fans. We started touring right after we started playing together. We would book our own tours and hit the road for months at a time. That has kind of become what we are known for.

6. "Monster", was one of those singles that just became something else for Blameshift, accompanying a video through VEVO, it was directed by Eric Schneider with the hashtag #iamamonster, with toping it off 121,450 views online. What is the rundown on all of this to you?

Jenny: Monster was very successful for us. We put a lot of time and love into the song and the accompanying video. I think our fans really connected to the storyline (how dirty money can be).

7. Go into detail about the actual track "Monster", what is the song even about, does it revolve around a monster of sorts?

Jenny: The song "Monster" is more figurative than literal. It's about those demons that you have inside of you. You try to keep them under wraps but sometimes they seem to take over.

8. Now go into disclosure on the video that goes with the track "Monster". Director Eric Schneider was choosen at the helm to do his work, why was this, and will he be accompanying you on future video releases at hand?

Jenny: We found out about Eric through our drummer, Jeff. Jeff has worked with him on another project in the past. Eric is an incredible visionary. He really has an eye for detail and we couldn't have been more pleased with his work on "Monster". We definitely plan on doing more with him in the future.

9. What about the whole social media deal with using hash tags, what is a hash tag, why is it important and why did you want to go with using the tag #iamamonster?

Jenny: We chose this hashtag to create a little movement around the song. We wanted our fans to be able to tell us about their demons and how they live with them every day. It brought everybody together.

10. Before even any of this went down, you were one of those acts that just lived for the road, having been playing on it for nearly 8 years and counting, logging in over 1 million miles, playing all sorts of showcases here and there. What was the termination to get out and go?

Jenny: We just knew we never wanted to be a hometown hero band. Our goal was to get out on on tour, meet new people, perform in new places and experience life on the road. We were very clear on that since the beginning and that is exactly what we did.

11. Speaking of shows, you will be heading out on a co-headlining run with The Nearly Deads, will you be headlining each night or rotating with those guys each night?

Jenny: We will be rotating as headliners.

12. What can be expected within your setlist in terms of material for all to hear?

Jenny: We will be playing some new songs off our album "Heart of Stone" as well as some older tracks off "Secrets" and "The Black Rose"

13. How will this touring junkit be different to your previous 8 year run of shows?

Jenny: We will be doing a really fun cover song on this run. We don't typically do covers so this should be exciting.

14. Why go on to do this touring run with such little amount of dates, it looks like a miniature tour if at that, why not do a full-length run instead?

Jenny:It's actually a month tour with about 6 shows a week.

15. Do you prefer miniature tours than full-length tours, or is a show just a show to you?

Jenny: We prefer doing month tours over 2-3 month tours. They tend to be better for everyone!

16. Once this tour wraps-up, what is on the planner for the remainder of this year?

Jenny: Well, Tim and I own a music inspired jewelry line called Strung, so we will be gearing up for the holidays which is our busiest time of the year. The band will probably go on tour again in the spring.

17. Sponsoring this run will be a company called Strüng, who are they and what will they bring to the table for this tour?

Jenny: That's our company. We launched just over a year ago and are currently in over 150 stores both here in the states and internationally. We have built our brand with the Blameshift fans at the helm so we thought being a sponsor would tie it all together. Strung will have it's own table at the shows and we will be debuting some new lines.

18. Besides Strüng, you have networked with other companies landing similar sponsorships and endoresments with such as PRS Guitars, Sennheiser, GHS Strings & Bogner Amps as well as COLDCOCK Whiskey, Venue Magic and Sullen Clothing. How much more networking do you plan to do for Blameshift? As much as you can handle perhaps?

Jenny: Teaming up with brands is very important for us. It's a great way to get our name out there and to help these amazing companies. We are always looking for companies to pair up with. The more the merrier

19. Your just one of those acts that has done quite a lot that only so much can be said about it all, what is it that you want people to know about Blameshift in the sum of it all?

Jenny: We are all about our fans. They are the ones who got us where we are today and have allowed us to live our dreams. We look forward to seeing all our old school Blameshift fans on the road this fall but we also are excited to meet new fans.

20. Is that your final answer to all of these questions asked?

Jenny: Yes, see everyone out on the road for the "Wake the Dead Tour" which kicks off October 12th in Stanhope, NJ! Check our Facebook for more information! <3 p="">

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