Black Water Rising - Electrified

Black Water Rising, like many if not most or at least a handful of acts, came from the formation from the depths of various other acts, coming together to be an act all its own. Thus, with two albums nestled under their belts as it were, "Electrified", is aimed to please, in the form of being more riff heavy with loads more song writing in the hook appeal with even catchier choruses that will suck you in all over again.

With that said and done, this album that is "Electrified", is a solid piece of work. Black Water Rising's first two previous releases were mentioned quite a bit, during their time frames, but this release has got that powerful punch. That kicker to keep your ticker pulsating long into overtime. In short, this album is just "it", hands down, loads of material with playable content that will keep that button mashing on the repeat button. Like for real take such tracks as "Obey", "Reality Check", "Don't Wait Up", and "Buried In Black", these are the real kick starters for this release as a whole. They give you the appeal to what to expect. During these song selections right here, you are given those heavy driven riffs, with song writing to please, lots of vocals with tones of pure hard rock essence. With great instrumental joy that makes the music loud and proud throughout.

If you dig hard rock acts, then surely Black Water Rising is a keeper for you. They bring to mind other acts such as Kill Devil Hill, Sevendust, Zakk Wylde, Buckcherry with some Sons Of Texas for good measure. That is how Black Water Rising's "Electrified" plays out to being. One hard rock release, with a ground shaking groove of a very good time. Lots of riffs, heavy instrumentals with even more vocals that you can withstand possible.

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