A vocal harmony group consisting of 6 sisters (ages 17 – 27), Cimorelli has gone from homeschooled kids living in a small town outside of Sacramento, CA to touring the world, winning a Teen Choice award, and accruing over 4 million subscribers on YouTube with over 1 billion views.

This past Friday, October 27th, Cimorelli released their new album “Sad Girls Club,” a collection of songs that are a reaction to fan letters which voiced experiences with depression, eating disorders and domestic discord.

“Our fans are sending us letters and messages on social media with stories of self-harm and family problems, and we wanted to connect with them on a deeper level,” says Katherine Cimorelli. “We realized our music could be so much more than just fun pop songs.”

Amy, Christina, Dani, Katherine, Lauren and Lisa Cimorelli put their vulnerabilities and insecurities center stage on their new album. “We want to have an emotional, vulnerable and powerful experience with our fans so we bared our souls.”

New songs “Cars + Parking Lots," “If It Isn’t You” and “BAD” are just some of the tracks that touch on the sisters’ own experiences with unrequited crushes, insecurity, loneliness, longing, infatuation and the eternal quest for true love.

With “Sad Girls Club,” Cimorelli created an album of celebratory and vulnerable songs that say it's okay to express yourself, you are not alone, and pain is ok – it’s what makes us human.

“Expressing yourself through all of your joy and pain is not only a beautiful thing, it's an essential part of life,” adds Katherine.

Innovative and strong-willed young women, Cimorelli have full creative control of their career. Since 2015, the sisters have started their own record label, released 2 albums of original songs, toured Europe, South America and North America, and wrote and published their first book “Lessons Learned,” a heartfelt book of advice for teenage girls.

“We’re challenging ourselves to create without limits, and there’s no doubt that our new record is our most innovative, creative and powerful project yet.”

Check out the group’s video diary on the making of “Sad Girls Club” here:

Listen to “Sad Girls Club” at Spotify and Apple Music.

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