Nile Groove - Here I Am

All the artists and bands of the music scene always get told the same ordeal from all, your music is so fresh, original, creative, and unique, it is like nothing ever tried before, told time and time again. But is any of that wording even legit anymore? Does it still fly within the music scene for all of the artists and bands making it in today's ways of music. Well for the likes of Nile Groove, they are one of Ottawa's hottest acts out of Ontario, that is in Canada. As such, their latest song turned single, made into video is a little number called "Here I Am" off the "Insatiable" album. A track taken the combination of funk, reggae, and r&b to its fullest content, making the track work for itself.

Which it does, if you are a fan of either of these genres, let alone the combination of the three. These genres have never been a fan of my musical sense, as my style lingers in the heavier sense. But do not let that get you down, Nile Groove is still quite the groovy band to not avoid. For "Here I Am", in song and video form is rather entertaining. That is pretty much it for it. It is one entertaining track due to its melody fusion of various genres into one form. The vocal chords on the other hand are done well, they go right along with the music, making it all come together to sound decent, well decently enough.

Nile Groove as a whole really, is one of those acts, that brings to mind others in the mix of these genres, like a little bit of No Doubt, except their style has more ska punk rock tone, rather than the funk tone. But still you can get a similar idea of what Nile Groove is going for when listening in to them. "Here I Am", is just another one of those tracks, you can throw on, enjoy it, then hear perhaps once if not twice more, and then be done with it. Hearing it again every once in a while there after type of deal of a track.

As for how this act Nile Groove is like in terms of being original, and not like any other act in existence in the scene currently, they do this sort of thing in a minature way. Their style has been done before by other acts, but their version of it, just makes them more unique. Like you may have heard their take in other varieties but their own way is just so them. It is like as soon as you hear their music whatever the track, you know it is Nile Groove hands down.

That is what happens when it comes to "Here I Am", in the form of a single song or the video versions. This is who Nile Groove is and what they want to be and do with their music creation. This is a fun, interesting, yet outgoing track that is taking on the likes of all who see and hear it for the first time.

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