Gregg Stewart - Starman

Gregg Stewart is doing something many other artists and bands have done prior, record a cover track of someone in particular. But in this case, Gregg has gone the extra mile by releasing an entire album, that many others have done as well, but only a select few. Any who though, Gregg's cover album titled "Twenty Sixteen", is a celebration of sorts, celebrating the artists that were lost in 2016. That is right those artists whom kicked the bucket, passed away, dead and gone, or simply put that are dead! So which artist is Gregg covering exactly well David Bowie is one, with his track "Starman". Except Gregg's version of the infamous track of Bowie's is done more in-depth, more modern and fresh for the current time being of the music scene.

That said, "Starman", may be a cover but it is one that is done right. Bowie's original version of this very track, sounds more laid back, easy going, fun and exciting to all. Whereas Gregg's take on it, is more fresh and modern as previously said. His version is just so much more enlightening and entertaining. His ways with the lyrics for instance, allow for his vocal chords to scatter, work with the musical melody playing throughout the track. His voice just has this embrace going for it. Whilst the music portion of the entire piece, is more just there, playing it's part as the vocal chords sway in-between it all.

It is one of those tracks you can recognize more so by the cover artist than by the original artist. Sorry to say that but a lot of the youngsters of today, do not know of the music of the past; but if an artist of the present does a song, and it happens to be a cover of a past artist, they take a liking to it. So it is sad but true when you think about it that way. Which is why Gregg's version of the David Bowie classic is so compelling and interesting yet fresh for the music audiences of today.

His ways again with this track, make up for the past version. Yes the original version is great and grand as can possibly be for it. But that was then when Bowie was the fresh and modern thing, this is of the now with Gregg Stewart being the fresh and modern thing the artist as it were. So it is a split down the middle type of ordeal where both sides can become accustom to it all really.

Nevertheless though Gregg's version of this track is one of those cover songs that just makes it. So many artists and bands have covered a variety of material over the years, doing their own take of it, whichever way they want to take it. When it comes to this version done by Gregg himself, he uses his own influences and inspirations of how he sees the song fit into his styling and sound. It works so well because it just makes the music more enjoyable and re-freshening a re-hashing of the old meets new.

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