The Los Angeles Murderfest Announces Update and Mini Version of Festivities

The Los Angeles Murderfest was a metal music festival in Los Angeles County in Southern California. The festival has given several updates since it's re-carnation of coming back with it's sixth edition of the festival. The creator, planner, organizer Daniel Dismal who has handled the festival since it got started years back - has given another update on the festival's Facebook page, saying that a "mini" version of the festival will take place with further details on the main festival as well as follows;

"As we head into 2016 I need to let you all in on the "plans". Venues are hard for me to find because I am picky with how the fans of this music and my baby, the Murderfest are treated. At this point I want to show you all that the fest is still alive so I am planning to have what I will call the "Mini-Murder" at Complex in Glendale. As with the Murderfest, it will be something that is truly bigger than the venue holding the event. The confirmed dates will be Friday April 22nd through Sunday April 24th. I already have 5 bands confirmed for the 3 day event and I will be announcing things as we go. The Mini-Murder will be a side event of the Murderfest but will be an catalyst to keep the festivals spirit alive. As for the full fest, another venue is coming into play for the full fest, but that will have to wait. Until then, mark your calendars, check out Church of the 8th Day's Facebook page and remember, without your support, this fest is nothing."

Expect the return of the official Los Angeles Murderfest soon with this min Murderfest in it's place for now.

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