It Came From Beneath - The Last Sun

France's It Came From Beneath got their start in 2010, releasing their debut EP, first LP and follow-up EP "The Last Sun". It consists of 5-tracks that blends together metalcore, deathcore, and hardcore, all of the core aspects, into one, to create It Came From Beneath's sound and style. Opening things up is the title track "The Last Sun", which brings out their abilities quite well. The next set of tracks does the same including a cover song of Iggy Azalea's song "Work", does the trick, while other tracks done by these guys like "Broken End" recaptures their heaviness with source of styling. Like the instruments and vocal chords, really work well together, having various riffs, breakdowns, just downright heavy duty rawness that keeps the music flowing. Surly these guys follow along the lines of other such acts as Oceano, Thy Art Is Murder and even Fit For An Autopsy.

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