Outerburst - Phase A: Kaishi

A new project from members of various projects has come together to form heavy metal act Outerburst. Who have been hard at work writing and recording for their first mini album titled "Phase A: Kaishi" this mini in short an EP captures the essence that is this project. They are a heavy metal act, playing heavy metal music at its most possible fashion. The sound isn't half bad, having the instruments be crafty and creative, while the vocals chime in to bring it together as a whole. Each of the tracks on this release is quite good, for instance "Nightmare" and The Crows", these two song selections are the ones that stand out the most when it comes to this release. The rest of the material isn't that far off but these songs just make it more interesting. In close, Outerburst has something to start off with, that will surly lead into further material, that will be just as interesting as this release ended up being, if not better perhaps?

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