Requiem Disbands

Requiem has announced it's disbandment due to the frontman vocalist Steven Juliano retiring from music, giving the following message upon his personal Facebook page -

"How do I go about writing the toughest post in my entire life?

I knew this day would come. As all things in life, everything must come to an end sometime. Yet, you never really know when that moment will hit you. Sometimes it's like some old ache in your knees, and you feel it coming for years and years, and other times it suddenly just hits you; like being sucker punched in the back of the head.

For me, it was some fat boxer named, "Time".

I would rather not do some profound, long gobbledygook tale of my life. Most of you well know I've been singing since I was eight years old doing musical theater. And for the past twenty years of my life, I have been doing this "band thing". Well, the time has come to close that door for good. Not just spouting rubbish, like I am no longer doing Requiem. No, there is more to it.

I am completely retiring from music.

It feels strange saying that since I'm not "that" old, although old-age is figurative, depending on who you ask. Huh, go figure.

I lived out my dreams. Saw the world. Met so many amazing people that it honestly still blows my noggin. I look back on what I did with what I had, and can't believe it all really happened... and it all flew by like some big, epic blur. Music was life. And I am grateful for the retrospection.

I am now starting a new chapter as a professional writer. As a regular guy with a regular job who looks very regular if you saw him walk past you. You probably wouldn't think twice he is so... regular. But the memories will always be there swirling inside my dome. Oh, you can never forget this kind of stuff... no-sir-reeeee!

And what a wonderful dream it all was. I still pinch myself. Yup, it was real alright.

Holy moly was it real.

Steven Juliano

Thank you: Monsta Zero, Fall Out, The Silence, I Am Ghost, Requiem for the Dead, and Requiem"

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