Unearth Discusses their Darkness in the Light

Unearth has been around for 13 solid years touring relentlessly, recording and writing music and so much more. The band caught up with me to discuss their latest release and upcoming plans for the summer time!

1. Unearth has been around for 13 years, would you say that this is your lucky number/year to shine?

We've been touring full time for about a decade now and each year things seem to keep getting better.  We plan on keep this thing growing, so yeah, more shine on the way in year 13.

2. Speaking of years it took Unearth three years to make "Darkness In The Light", you really wanted to take your time and focus on this album didn't you?

It was more about touring relentlessly for the previous album "The March".  It seemed every time we were ready to settle down to write, we got a tour offer we couldn't refuse.  We had to finally turn down some pretty stellar tours at the end of 2010 in order to have enough time to write this record.  Luckily we got it done in time to line up some pretty sick touring for 2011.

3. Where does a title like "Darkness In The Light" come from, what does it represent?

The title came from the lyrics.  We had a few different titles for this record, but we chose this one because it made the most sense with the recurring themes of darkness throughout the album.  A good amount of the tunes talk about the darker aspects of life and what it throws at you.

4. Derek Kerswill is long gone have you found a replacement and do you think he suites what Unearth is?

We have Justin Foley from Killswitch Engage filling in this summer on Mayhem and then immediately after during our European headlining tour.

5. Tell me this, why is there darkness in the light?

Life can be harsh.  Sometimes you can be handed so many negative things by simply existing that even if there is positive stuff happening around you the focus can still be on the darkness.

6. Have you ever been fed up with playing music or with band members, why?

Fighting between band members is inevitable no matter what band you are in.  You spend so much time together that you end up getting a sibling syndrome and just fight over the dumbest shit.  As for being fed up with music, yes.  I see so much back stabbing and cock sucking going on in this industry that it makes me want to walk away from it all at times.  The last track off the album album is a song called "Disillusion" and it is my personal "fuck you" to the music business.

7. What was your first concert experience? Do you remember how you felt once the concert was over?

Clash of the Titans in 1991.  I was in Junior high and my father took me, my best friend and my girlfriend at the time.  The concert changed my life because I think watching my favorite bands at the time tear shit up made me really want to be in a band and do it myself.  I started singing in my first band less than a year later.

8. Did you grow up wanting to play music, or when did the whole making albums thing come about and how?

When I was a little kid my cousins and I would throw on my Kiss records and pretend to be a band in front of our parents.  I was usually the singer.  Their cover of the Rolling Stones "2000 Man" was my favorite tune to sing. I joined my first band at 14 years old.  I had went to my buddies band practice to see them play some tunes.  Their singer had to leave early so they asked me if I want to sing "Sad But True" by Metallica with them.  I was psyched to give it a shot and nailed it.  I didn't know at the time, but I had accidentally shut the mic off but they could still hear me.  My loud pipes got me the gig the next day as they fired their singer and asked me to be the guy.  We formed a new band, wrote our own songs and covered a few.  We entered a battle of bands when I was 16 and we won.  The prize was 48 hours at a local studio.  We got a six song demo out of it and released 300 cassette tap copies.  That started my album career....1994.

9. What qualifies you guys to be in a band?

Everyone is qualified.  It's music and we all have that in us.  Heart is more important than technical skill in my opinion.  Nirvana had some pretty amazing songs, but most of the guitar riffs can be played by a chimps.  You can't argue the heart the songs had though and I fully believe people are drawn to that primal instinct more-so than a guitar wizardry.

10. Out of all of the albums, songs, music videos, Unearth has ever done which would you say is your all-time favorite and why?

Because it is so fresh on my emotional palette, our latest album "Darkness in the Light" is my current favorite.  Time will tell if it holds up as so, but the songs are catchy, aggressive, heavy and written from a reinvigorated band.  We've seen highs and lows in our 10 year touring career and we've also seen the best and worst of trends.  One thing that hasn't changed is our desire and core sound.  We are who we are and people can take it or leave it.  I feel this record comes across as a join us and get the fuck out of the way album.

11. What is your greatness weakness as a band?

Our dependence on whiskey.  Or is that a strength?

12. For those who have never heard your music before which song off the new album would you recommend they listen too?

This album has a lot to offer, so I guess I would need to know what their "tastes" were.  We have a lot of hard hitting heavy tunes, a couple with more melody vocally and musically and we have a track with piano and full band w/vox.  So lots of stuff to choose from.....My personal favorite though is "Eyes of Black".  This tune crushes from the opening riff till the end breakdown.  It is heavy musically, lyrically and vocally while also adding moments of groove sandwiched between speed, aggression and melody.  I'm looking forward to playing it live this summer and beyond.

13. Is that your final answer?

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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