Pathology - Awaken To The Suffering

Pathology's "Awaken To The Suffering" is surly no "Legacy Of The Ancients" the band's 2010 release with original vocalist Matti Way was soon replaced by Jonathan Huber who formerly was with I Declare War. But now that the past is indeed behind them, Pathology has set their minds forward with their fifth LP "Awaken To The Suffering". This release lead them to enter the Lambesis Studios with producer Daniel Castleman who's worked with such acts as Impending Doom, Winds Of Plague, and As I Lay Dying, to begin work on this album the ending results......

Are flawless to say the least, vocals are deep and possessive with some funny outer hits that are pure laughable. While the guitar and drum work is heavy duty quality that never seems to quit. The songs are packed full of catchy upbeat yet progressive amounts of energy that maintains the tempos just enough to keep the music at a flowing static force. A noticeable pattern put into effect here is the constant use of blast beats that can be heard quite a bit in such songs as, "Ingestion Of Creation", "Society's Desolation", "A Perverse Existence", and "Festering In Filth". The music is constantly moving keeping the growls in check that makes the abilities front and center.

This is indeed a step up from their previous releases by a far, surly showcasing a brutalizing force that will never cease to exist.

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