The Attitude - Dance Fuck Suicide

Phoenix Arizonans' The Attitude got their start in 2005 following their formation two years later their debut EP "Straight To The Middle" struck and then touring commenced. Once that was said and done the band went off to write and record material for their follow-up a brand new EP titled "Dance Fuck Suicide". This EP was 4 years in the making and now that it’s been completed the results are flawless.

"Dance Fuck Suicide" is a continuation of "Straight To The Middle" on this release the album includes 4 album tracks "Burn", and "Like Rats", which had been previously demoed but never released until now. While "Dance Fuck Suicide", "Own it on the Mattress", were written in the studio and are brand new. When it comes down to the music quality its raw in-your-face rock with a dash of techno rhythms to keep the flow in motion, having the guitars and drums back up the bass lines, allowing the vocals to take control. The effect the vocals ignite is an essence of screaming tactics that really emphasize the music’s abilities having it become heavier than what it sounds.

“Dance Fuck Suicide”, does not only include never before released and brand new material but includes several interludes and remixes that really sets the band up for what they can really do with their musical traits. The remixes are the essence of the “rave” experience having that bouncy effect that keeps the music rocky and effective. Whereas the interludes create a whole another exposure of musical influence that really has a powerful impact on the listening experience.

Overall The Attitude’s abilities and train of thought to making music is solid and flawless. Surly this will continue to dominate the sound barriers when their next EP is released later on this year.

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