The Showdown - Blood in the Gears

Tennessee's most heaviest outfit around, The Showdown spent the past two years writing/recording their follow-up to 2008's "Back Breaker", now that the time has come and gone, their fourth album is on the horizon. "Blood In The Gears", is the next installment in The Showdown catalog for these heavy duty metal crushes won't back down so easily. The album pretty much plays itself out as the tracks within each portray its own meaning, take "Heavy Lies the Crown", and "Bring it Down", each being softly constructed showcases the band's inner beings and what spiritual formula lays within.

Some other tunes worth mentioning have to include "Men Named Hell", as well as "Diggin My Own Grave". All of these tunes come with such force and energetic momentum it’s uncanny of how well the entire album plays out in the long run. The Showdown have proven themselves to be worthy candidates for the heavy metal department/genre for that matter because their skills are well placed here and lyrical speaking the music is put well to the test from beginning to end. Fans of Pantera and Five Finger Death Punch will feel right at home after listening in to what The Showdown has to offer its listeners.

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