Enemy Logic – Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

Having been well known as Windfall for several years the band now known as Enemy Logic had taken the step from the hard rock spotlight and stepped into a heavier mix of melodic death metal blended in with some metalcore tempo rhythms. Since their creation in 2008 the band has gone on to release their debut album "Bones As Armour" i August of last year and have returned with their highly anticipated follow-up "Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind".

Encased with melodic hooks with pure aggressive emotion Enemy Logic has built a solid ground for what type of music they have chosen to create. It's clearly demonstrated on the opening tune "The Iron Law", released with a gun effect then followed by a slow but mellow drumming tempo beat with roaring screams and groans, Enemy Logic possess that raw yet brutalizing mortality that has been preserved within. "Heart of Stone", is another brutalizing but raw source of talent Enemy Logic showcases the influences they partake from Arch Enemy's fast pacing guitar riffs right down to Heaven Shall Burn's grunted screams and roars it's surrounded by flawless energy all around.

"Vengeance Served Cold", takes in the softer side of Enemy Logic at the first 20 seconds anyway because this piano organ segment is played and is later drowned out by this overpowering effect brought on by the guitar instrumentals and hard pounding drum attics that keeps the tunes in check, whereas the vocal rants and raves scream out loud pushing the music into every possible direction.

While their style of sound is solid and well rounded off, Enemy Logic has got a long way ahead of them but are in constant reminder as to where all of this success will end up next. Let it be known that fans of Heaven Shall Burn, Arch Enemy, Caliban, The Sorrow, and Soilwork are among the ones ranked within the melodic metalcore category as well as including some modern day Americanized deathcore, hardcore and some good old thrash metal inspiration.

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