Murderdolls - Women and Children Last

The horrifying nightmare began during the brink of 02-04 in which American death rock n’ rollers the Murderdolls with founding members Wednesday 13 and Joey Jordison, were suffering the consequences of the daily rock n’ roll life, band mishaps, arguments, touring schedules, meet and greets you name it, they dealt with it. Though the band had only released one album at that time “Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls” (2002) the chances were slim to none as to if they were going to survive. Having said this, the band went on to disband going on a staggering six year hiatus that would forever remain un-discussed..... Until now…..

After discussion of this so-called hiatus being foretold that has now been broken. We are gladly more than welcome to welcome back the triumphant return of the Murderdolls. But not only are we being treated to that ghoulish surprise but have the founding pleasure of listening in to the past six years of work created behind the charred walls of death, with the release of their second album to date, “Women and Children Last”.

Now that the old and the new is far behind the album begins with a rather eerie introduction "The World According to Revenge", decrypts a voice over discussion of “scum, filth, anger, and greed, walks along besides of me, chaos, darkness, on a violent binge this is our world according to revenge" that lingers into a chaotic source of laughter that swaggers into a brink of beeps. That falls right into place of the “Chapel of Blood”, in which a thunderous drum beat shatters the sound waves with an upbeat guitar riff with ghastly voice tactics that keeps the music heavy and deep.

With the exception of the Murderdolls touring guitarist Roman Surman, who contributed the lead guitar work on the album, does a rather snazzy job throughout. Allowing a brief guest appearance by Motley Crue's Mick Mars who presents himself on tracks "Drug Me to Hell", and "Blood-Stained Valentine", he gives in that added flare that portrays a never ending trail of blood, sweat, and tears. "My Dark Place Alone", the leading single from "Women and Children Last", captures that aspect that Wednesday 13 is known to establish amongst his other side projects Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13, and Wednesday 13 having less of the more modern mixes of Bourbon Crow and most recent addition Gunfire 76.

So if you like it or not the Murderdolls are indeed back…. Back from the dead.

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