Star Spotlight: Eileen Carey Interview

Southern California is known for its rock and metal music scene but what about those other categories in the music world? For instance country music, this genre doesn't get the recognition it should but now it has the chance too. With singer/song-writer Eileen Carey a country-pop superstar making her marks in the world of country music. Winning for "Best Female Vocalist" in 2007 has inspired her to not only continue making creative and out-standing music but the abilities to branch out even further into the music world. Eileen Carey spoke to me about her latest album "Movin On," along with how she goes about writing and recording music.

1. Well I would like to jump right into talking about the new record, "Movin On," that came out recently. Had you been playing some of those tracks live prior to recording them or did you write them all prior to entering the studio/while you worked in the studio?

Eileen: I was writing with my typical writers and before I would go and record them I go and test the market a little bit and see how the fans would react and take it from there and go into the studio and record everything once it’s all said and done.

2. How is "Movin On," in comparison to all your other releases?

Eileen: I think “Movin On,” went back to my older roots, this album took more time and I went back to my native roots using rock, blues, country music mostly to reflect the meaning behind the album.

3. What were you like as a child?

Eileen: I was quiet, laid back and wasn’t really the one you’d expect to see on a stage I always kept that part hidden.

4. Do you guys try to top yourselves when making an album?

Eileen: Yeah always I look for a way to improve myself and look at the lyrics and work my way around it. It’s a think through process a way to get what you want heard out to the listener’s. When making new material, which strikes my mind usually when I’m stuck in traffic or driving around in my car. *Laughs*

5. What is the meaning behind the name "Movin On," anyways? Does it relate in a sense to everything that Eileen Carey has recently been through?

Eileen: It relates to the message that the songs contain and how to move onward with your life. Basically taking a risk here and there and having to face certain relationships and situations you come across. It also took a long time to come up with that name too. *Laughs*

6. What kind of messages do you want your fans to take away from it?

Eileen: I think the message is to look at things in a different way. Not being stuck on one thing. Find something you can look towards too. There is always another way to basically finding out something to do in a certain aspect.

7. What kind of stage show can people expect to see at an Eileen Carey show?

Eileen: Just good music and find out about other music but I will look into special effects when it comes around later on down the line. *Laughs*

8. What's it like when you're not out on the road, does it feel awkward?

Eileen: I kind of miss it, I was just in Nashville and went from radio station to radio station and when you go back to your roots and see it as a whole where you started from, you enter the world of reality and living in Los Angeles it makes you relax and feel comfort all around.

9. What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Eileen: I don’t know, that is a good question you just stumped me. Probably this one time when I was in a boxing ring, with this 6 ft. guy that was pretty awkward I just wanted to runaway. *Laughs*

10. Any last words for your fans out there?

Eileen: Thanks for supporting me and going to my shows and buying my music and being there for me, it’s all about the fans.

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