Church For Sinners Horrors in Hollywood

Are you ready to slip and slide and twirl all about? This is exactly the sort of treatment you'll receive after witnessing the horror punk act of Church For Sinners or C.F.S. As the clock struck 9:45PM late last night strange occurrences had begun. Four Mortals or in this case the walking dead emerged and brought upon the small crowd a highly anticipated performance. A performance lasting 45 minutes to be precise, lashing out tunes of the past and future, past coming off "Making Monsters," a quick 7-track EP with nothing but pure punk rocking action. As for the future tunes which come off their soon to be released album due out later this year. As the set continued to play on the crowd continued to fall under the performer's spell of amazing music. Soon to be shattered by the screaming and shouting attics of Andy the front man of the whole operation, who ordered the audience to get up and have some fun! After all it was a rock show so else is there to do? So after that was said the crowd began to move forward then the music started to pick up and the next thing you know, the crowd began moving slow then faster and faster until a overpowering mosh pit and circle pit were spinning out of control. Church For Sinners were highly pleased along the audience who cheered and clapped right along to all the fun they were now experiencing. All in all this night of horrors was filled with nothing but pure scary good fun!

Set list:

Night Life
Home Sweet Hell
Autopsy Turvy
Hitch Hiker
City of the Dead
Ghosts of Autumn
Dead to Ries
Street N' Flesh
In The Graveyard
Satan Takes a Hoilday
Wake Not The Dead
Making Monsters

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