Helsinki Vampires Roam Amongst Us

If you're dying of thirst and biting your lower lip every five seconds what is once other source of fluid available? Why blood of course and from this word on you are a blood drinker. Now that you have become a blood drinker this is another process you have to face which is death. Yes it sounds terrible but your time has come so on the count of three you shall be dead. Ready? One, two, three, now you must be wondering what exactly is going on, correct? Well you are dead somewhat you are now an Immortal A.K.A. Vampire. Welcome to the Underworld, the world of the undead where all unimaginable creatures lurk within the darkness. From blood sucking Vampires to howling Werewolves down to mythical creatures i.e. Unicorns, Tolls, Fairies, you get my point. But you are a Vampire, and I'd like you to meet Helsinki's very own ban of Vampires, known only as The 69 Eyes.

With their follow-up to "Angels" (2006) we receive "Back In Blood," twelve tracks of pure blood, goth rock n roll. Only a Vampire could relate too, from the opening being the title track you automatic know you're in for an adrenaline rush. The rush instantly draws you in the roaring rhythms of the guitars bouncing their way through as the vocals sail a top the instruments creating this wave of pure rock n roll insanity. "Dead N' Gone," "The Good, the Bad, & the Undead," "Night Watch," and "Eternal," are the handful of tunes keeping the dead awake at night the rapture of the instruments echoing throughout the cold chilling night the drums tapping on/off keeping up with the vocal chords that scream into the drumming pulsing action. Allowing the riffs presented by the guitar to ease its way slowly building up this musical vibe that doesn't seem to end. In close "blood is the new black."

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