Ängie - Suicidal Since 1995

Ängie will release her debut album "Suicidal Since 1995" soon enough but before that takes place, one out of two songs taken from said release have been released. One track titled "Dope" with the other being titled "Here For My Habits". How does the pair of singles taken from the album hold up against one another or for this album. Well with a track like "Dope", it has a beat, that is repeatable, making the tone of the track become very edgy. Whereas with a track like "Here For My Habits", is more low key, being more about the vocalization than the tone of the song, if that makes sense. Ängie's vocalization provided upon "Here For My Habits", is very mixed, it sounds clear yet crisp, but draws out the music, allowing for it to be well grounded yet focused. When it comes to other tracks like "We Run" or "Cocaine Brain", you are hit with this sense of emotion, not just by the given title choices, but for the song as a wholesome truths. The melodies showcased within both of these tracks, is rather interesting yet groovy. The music is more of an easy listening type of experience, making it all mellow yet it sinks it all in. That is how this entire album "Suicidal Since 1995", works out really. Ängie just being there as her presences makes her music more exposed, captivating even, that just hearing it, makes her stand out from others with ease.

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