Angelspit - Puncture Marks Black Dog Bite Remix Album

Industrialist goths Angelspit have returned not with new music but a variation of new music. Their album "Black Dog Bite", being a remixed album this time around. Every track on "Black Dog Bite", being ripped apart by some bands who as the band says "BAD-ASS!" Some of which includes; Mr.Kitty, Abney Park, Go Fight, The Gothsicles, Inertia, En Esch, The Mercy Cage, Stoneburner, PlanetDamage, Adoration Destroyed, Erektor, Rodney Anonymous, Adventu Impar, addambombb, The Dead Room, Curse Of Cassandra, Shadowcell Theory and more. So then how does each and every one of these acts take on an album, with an accompanying band who does what they want, the way they want it to go. Well, the album plays off as being rather club setting. As each of the tracks, is shall we say, very noticeable yet vivid and focused.

Like for instance, "Ugly Deeds" by Erektor Rebuild, kicks off the album, allowing for it to be exposed to the changes at hand. This variation of the track, being unique yet original, yet still very much set up for the club scene hands down. It's tone of melodies being swaying yet driven in sound, it becomes undeniable upon listening. Another track that tends to do this sort of thing would likely be "Sexy Tragic Muse" by The Mercy Cage remix, is very danceable. The undeniable beat source, being so catching it is hard to resist its overbearing tone. Another track that  sticks out would be "Hidden Knife" by Adventu Impar remix, it being slow yet very dramatic, that it keeps this eeriness a drift through its entirety. A lot of the other tracks and artists to join in on the remixes placed here, make the best of their versions of each remix. Each one being very different, but still could be placed within the setting of a club set up, or place of where a lot of dancing would occur. It's just how the music sets up itself.

As for Angelspit, this remixed album of theirs, is a nice addition, to the already vast assortment of material, released so far. If remixes are to your liking then by all means, take this one, and run with it.

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