Celeb Car Crash have announced the release of their upcoming new EP titled "CCCover" out April 20th 2018 through Zeta Factory Records. It will feature five cover songs, whose historical impact has been musically and visually devastating.

The artwork is a unique piece, created by Sergio Gerasi, a famous Italian cartoonist; it is a tribute to the musical protagonists covered by the band; and it’s clearly inspired by "Abbey Road" and the world of video clips of the original songs.

"Helter Skelter", is the song that probably gave birth to punk and metal; "Ashes To Ashes" is a hymn between dark and new wave that has influenced the whole world and the new romantic style; "Sledgehammer" is the masterpiece dance-rock-funk by Peter Gabriel; "My Favorite Game" came directly to the top of the charts all over the world and "Time To Pretend" is known for its characteristic synth and its introspective text.

Check out one of the cover tracks titled "Sledgehammer" a Peter Gabriel cover right here: https://youtu.be/D-0v2Dct_Os.

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