Weak13 - They Live

British go getters Weak13 are their own independent band who like many others, have self-released their own material, in the form of what is their debut album titled "They Live". Thus with this album came a select few of tracks such as acoustic number "Loyal Coward". A piece of work, that has got grace, energy, with lots of spunk, that keeps the track in constant progression with its catchy pace of a beat.  Other tracks like "Down On Me", "Ashes In Autumn", "Cameras Are Everywhere", and "Happiest Undertaker", are the very handful of tracks that embrace the rock n' roll trueness that Weak13 is so eager to achieve. These selections being very upfront with their tones of beats, having a steady yet fast neck brace of pace, to them that they become rather rhythmic that you become energized with their melodies and effectiveness. In other words, the tracks noted here, are lots of fun, having upbeat tones that keep the rock n' roll angst vivid and real. The vocals and instruments working together, as they clash against one another, becoming one with everything happening. It makes up for the music that it becomes endless. Weak13's debut efforts of "They Live", is pretty much what you could expect from a rock  act such as this one, they being one for the books, hands down, no doubt!

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