Escape Is Not Freedom and dusK Village Split Release

Split releases by numerous artists and or bands has always been an odd concept at least to me. To me it felt more as a sampler of some up-and-coming acts or of acts well known for years now releasing content more or less. But perhaps that is really what a split release really is, a sampler of material from such and such varying on the genre at hand. In this matters though, it brings together Escape Is Not Freedom and dusK Village, both of which have crossed the boundaries of rock, sludge, noise, and grunge music, to create this intertwining of genres that just make creativity as it sees possibly fit.

In other words, Escape Is Not Freedom and dusK Village's split release is that, a split sharing for each band to showcase 2 tracks each, showcasing their craft, creativeness, and edginess that these genres they embody havocs most. So how does it hold up then, well Escape Is Not Freedom's share of material is quite interesting. That's the best way to put it best, for their style of sound is shall we say, grunge meets noise with a mixture of rock and sludge. You get vocals that scream yet are understandable, whereas the instrumentals portions are heavy, raw, and aggressive through and through.

While dusK Village's share of material is more or less the same dose of energy provided by the prior. Except maybe just their essence is more so, mellower, keeping in tune with the music, that it sounds fierce yet intense all at once. Their vocalization being more grounded, not understandable, as the vocals are more incapable of hearing, making the background music more superior in quality. In short, dusK Village's style is brutal yet progressive in moments, keeping their music in check that keeps it at the top.

In terms of split releases though, Escape Is Not Freedom and dusK Village's release is merely one that is decent enough, having a flavor of effort thrown in, that makes the music decent quality, but very effective in presentation and production, that you are pleased to hear it, from both sides of course.

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