My Little Pony The Movie the Combo, Digital, and Various Editions to Trot into Your Homes!

When word about a movie based off the fourth generation of the My Little Pony series, "Friendship is Magic", based from the same series that is My Little Pony that debut back in the 80's would be taking place, all of the fans in the fandom galloped with glee and delight! Thus forth, the My Little Pony The Movie would hit theaters in the fall of 2017, particularly on Friday October 6th 2017, but due to a minor setback of a leak breaking online, the box office turn out would be a hit or miss, due to word spreading across the fan base of My Little Pony. Whilst the film was shown in theaters since it's opening in October up until around November to December, it did make its rounds in quite the prancing pace as it were. In which even hitting some local dollar theater markets, until word was released that the film would be coming to digital as well as DVD, Blu-ray in no time at all.

The digital release receiving a December release to be precise, of December 19th 2017, with the DVD, Blu-ray as well as a combo pack and On Demand version coming January 9th 2018. This news of celebration and pony-rific releases would be the word of the ways across the fandom that is My Little Pony. With that said of course, which variations of the film would be coming forth you ask. Well speculation across the fan base had thought that Best Buy and Amazon would play a part in releasing of the film, but as they will just be releasing digital copies and physical copies of the said release only, other versions would be hitting such places as Target and Walmart.

Both Target and Walmart would be having not one but two unique Blu-ray combo packs at the hoofs of many. Walmart's exclusive Blu-ray version including a super cute My Little Pony water bottle, while the Target exclusive Blu-ray version including stickers as well as a fun activity book! But what about the actual content included on the releases, well aside from the box art being different in minor aspects, the content is pretty much the same deal. You get a digital copy in terms of Ultra Violent digital watch it anywhere downloadable, with other features being a deleted scene, a My Little Pony Equestria Girls spin off series to the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic series short, baking with Pinkie Pie segment showing clips of the film, as Pinkie Pie shows you how to bake what else cupcakes! While Making Magic with the Mane 6 and their New Friends piece shows some behind the scenes feature, as well as The Journey Beyond Equestria segment doing the same, detailing more behind the scenes input with the cast and crew. As the "I'm the Friend You Need" music video demonstrates an in-depth look in the recording process with movie clips filtered in, as an added bonus short being of the Hanakui short, an animated series with its episode titled "Full of Treasures", pretty much the same short episode shown prior to the film, when it was in theaters. Again both Target and the Walmart editions containing the same special features.

In terms of quality, the film looks quite impressive when watching it on Blu-ray, while the DVD version looks just as stunning in the ways of glimmer and sparkly goodness of fun! All in all, the film as a whole, is very much like the series it is based off of, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, whether you have been a fan of the series since its current generation, or a fan of even previous generations dating back to the 80's era. The My Little Pony The Movie is one you will enjoy, and is fun for all age ranges, big or small, young or old. Lots of laughs, great animation style, with great acting, and storytelling, bring it all to life, right there on the small screen for all to take in, for now, tomorrow, and many more years to come of course.

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