I Am Noah - Final Breed

I Am Noah have given a glance into what can be expected upon their 4-track EP follow-up from their previous album "The Verdict" released back in 2016. This follow-up release being an EP titled "Final Breed", with it coming the first single and video for the track titled "The Abandoned". This track not only being a part of the EP release as a single made video, but it as a track, being the opening number to the EP itself. Indeed true, "The Abandoned", opens up the EP release, exposing with it, the improvement upon what was once their album that was "The Verdict" (2016).

How is this track such an improvement over the previous material, well it vastly shows with its riff consistently, as well as for the massive amounts of maturity embedded deep within the content itself. In other words, with this track alone, it just sounds so much more cleaner, fresher, and downright entertaining, that it reaches another level of ability in skill set in terms of musicianship. As for the remainder of that 4-track EP "Final Breed", the rest of it, is pretty fluid, being vivid with its elemental melodies, driven passion, with such force it brings the music as a cycle of pride and progression. It showing off such angst of aggression on top of all else, that it makes the music be more well rounded yet intense. If not all of the above. Like for instance take such numbers as "Crystal Eyes" and "Born To Lose", each of which play their part and roles, being previously said, quite aggressive and progressive in terms of tone, and approach of said music. Pretty much how the whole EP plays out. It's like if I Am Noah crossed paths with other modernized metalcore genre acts like Famous Last Words, early working's of Bring Me The Horizon or even any works to that of While She Sleeps.

That is to say that I Am Noah's "Final Breed", is an EP of sorts, that has good promise, premise, and all around work that tops their previous content, by all means necessary. In short, it has all that has been said about it above, if not more so. Solid piece of craft with a grounded bunch of musicians to pull it together, as it works out rather nicely in their favor and for us as well.

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