Ezla - Skeletons

Ezla, no not Elsa, went ahead releasing the title track to her upcoming EP release "Outcasts". After that track was around another track was to follow suite with the release of another track taken from the EP this one being titled "Skeletons".

Now the track that is "Skeletons", is a lot like the title track single released sometime ago. Both having similar beats and catchiness going for them. The vocalization done by Ezla is interesting, as it has more of a techno tone going for it, as the mixing and processing was likely done for it, to turn out in this mannerism. That said, the whole overall tone this track is giving off, is more or less pretty edgy yet groovy too. Whilst the tone is similar to which is the title track, "Skeletons", with its own title rather represents more of a club setting than anything else really. The mood and elements of the track makes it more of a fitting stable to said set up. Ezla's vocal chords being preserved yet well provided due to the mechanics, of the technical senses of the production. In other words, her vocals just sound nice.

 Listening to the track several times over, it begins to express more of a catchier feel than it should be doing. The beat source is more progressive, having this tone that picks up the pace at times, yet remains steady as well. Not really any other way of describing it, than it is just a type of track that has a lot of flare, and energy to it. The beat of the melodies just do their thing, keeping everything in tune with everything else, creating something that is creative, yet decent quality of all that was put into it.
All in all really, Ezla has got another track that is worthy of the name single. "Skeletons", is a modernized take of all else going on within the music scene and its welcoming community. Ezla just being another added addition to the array of acts, her expressing her exposure of raw talent, that has got lots of beats, with the needed effects of flare and progression. Otherwise she has got the spunk and it works well!


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