Bastardös - Self-Titled

Thrash metal act Bastardös had released their self-titled album back in 2015 but after 2 years they went on to re-release the album because why not? That said, this album is nothing different than its prior release, the quality of it may have been enhanced a bit, otherwise it is still as thrashy as it ever was beforehand when it first came about. As far as Bastardös' themselves as a thrash metal act, their style is very reminisce to the classic thrashers of the 80's to 90's era like Destruction, Slayer, and even some Sodom. When listening in to get some of those acts dashed in for good measure of account, because that's the flare of ability that is going on. Lots of fast paced energy, loads of momentum, with tons of fun! All in all Bastardös self-titled re-release of an album that is this one, is by far a decent quality of effort and is surely one to hear time and time again.

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