Ashley J - Satisfied

"New Year, New Music!" is the best way put best by Ashley J, her new tunes coming in the form of a single titled "Satisfied". This brand new song turned radio single most definitely increases the hormones to your bodily functions of creativity with its source material. If that is not saying too much already, well then leave it just at that perhaps. Otherwise "Satisfied", is just what you would expect if you had not already figured by the depiction alone, this track takes on the topic that many have covered countless times already. "Love", the unforgotten emotion that has either made those happy or made them sad. Whatever the case may be though, "Satisfied", is like her other previous singles "Unbreakable" and "Trapped", being very pop based, having an overbearing beat, that is very catching yet upbeat. No other way around it, other than that really.

"Satisfied", is a love based track with love clearly being embedded within its premises no doubt about it. Lyrically speaking the track goes into detail about how to be in love with someone, so much so that you just want them so badly. You want to show your love in the most obvious way known to human kind. After the obvious of course, Ashley J's style is still unique yet classy, her pop flare being very driven yet pacing. It may be upbeat and catching at times as well, but it is so much more than that really. For it is the way of how this track works itself out, "Satisfied", is just a track that has a lot of feeling of emotion going for it. Loads of energy, catchiness, with lots of elements of love.

If love is something to your liking then this track may be the one for you. If love is your worst enemy at all costs, then this track may not be for you, but that does not mean, it is not worth checking out anyway. Ashley J has got skill, and talented traits that she is building upon, creating more cunning pieces of craft, that deal with a lot of emotion, and feeling, you just need to embrace what she has to say is all.

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