Kēvens To Release New Album "Sweet Lady Liberty"

International recording artist Kēvens releases the first of a string of inspirational singles crafted for all people who share and play a part in the world we live in. Traditionally a reggae, rock and EDM artist, Kēvens embarks on this project by expanding even further into merging musical styles, melding minds, and unifying his audience.

"Sweet Lady Liberty" focuses on the Love we all feel for the "Idea" of a country designed around the oft-repeated concepts of Liberty, of Equality, and of a Dream that each man, woman and child can embrace and strive for. In a climate where many Americans find themselves suffering the effects of straying from those concepts, "Sweet Lady Liberty" reminds us that we all play a part in keeping that Dream alive.

"Positivity is a Necessity," as everything associated with Kēvens will reiterate.

Kēvens explains the organic flow of his music as follows: "Every song that I sing speaks to each person individually and differently, depending to what they’re going through in life. But… they all help you to connect with your inner being, with nature and with your fellow human on a higher level".

"People are looking for substance, they crave it, they demand it” he stresses emphatically. “I am a member of the positive singers of the world who are providing them with a positive and spiritual option and The Almighty is guiding me to deliver it through this musical path. It’s a new time, we have to break old habits and make new self-discoveries. Expand our visions, pound through our animal state and unite. This, without any apology, is an absolute necessity, I promise you."

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