Running Death - DressAge

Thrash metal to its finest possibility cannot go wrong with the likes of Running Death and their latest album "DressAge". An album of sorts that takes such tracks as "Courageous Minds" and "Duty Of Beauty", these really pull you into the thrash metal angst that is Running Death. For it is their style of thrash metal that brings to mind previous thrash metal acts like Megadeth meets Testament. Those acts can be heard within "DressAge". The feeling of this album is truly fast and aggressive, as the music just hits home, with that thrash metal feeling of the past and present generations of the genre and its accompanying acts. All is thrown together upon this release, and it makes the album pop. Really standing out, making it an album to not be missed really. Like how the vocalist and band themselves work together is what has this album flow so fluidly. Everything playing off one another, just goes so hand in hand, it makes the album more listen to worthy. If you truly need your time to be delayed or passer bye, then Running Death's "DressAge", is the solid release for you. Truly one act you will have to follow-up on time and time again for sure.

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