Incursed - The Slavic Covenant

Incursed have wowed fans and critics alike with their melodic emphasized yet claimed "epic Viking metal" with their last to not least album "Elderslied". But that was released back in 2014, so some time has passed since then. During this time though the band went on ahead to write and record for a follow-up release in the form of an EP titled "The Slavic Covenant". The EP serving as a harbinger for the next follow-up release the next album titled "Amalur". But as for the EP itself, it takes that vivid epic Viking metal to the fullest content possible, releasing all new works that only Incursed is so known for creating. Thus EP is a solid follow-up to 2014's "Elderslied", as the EP somehow continues that same formula except here it is more enhanced and well developed. For instance the opening number being the title track titled "The Slavic Covenant", is quite pleasing to the ears. As it's enthusiasm of energy pulses through, leading right into the next array of tracks like "Akelarree", and "Wild". These song selections is quite the trio to be heard, as they are chalk full of energy, fast instrumentals, with outstanding vocal ranges. It truly brings the music together as it were, making it stand out very well as a whole. Just as this EP does, it is just a well rounded release with solid pacing material that keeps up with itself, just as the band does as well.

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