My Little Pony The Movie Soundtrack Brings It Altogether

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, who knew that over 100 episodes later with 7 seasons in that a feature full-length film would be released. The My Little Pony The Movie has too of course have a soundtrack to accompany the film it would not be right without it right? Right!

In terms of the music from the film to the TV series that this is based off of it only has a total of 5 songs from the actual My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic cast itself, including the new addition of the new cast of characters and actors/actresses joining in for it. The rest of the 8 songs out of a total of 13 in all, consists of numerous artists and bands, including Sia who went on to write and record as well as voice and be in the film as herself, have a song and video titled "Rainbow", be on the soundtrack and in the film and video as well. That song alone does fit to the film and setting of it as a whole, and has a rather nice appeal of tone and approach to the whole set up that is My Little Pony. Sia is just one to be unique and creative, having herself bring herself to this series in this form of a film is interesting and "Rainbow" is a nice touch.

The other artists off the rest of the soundtrack consist of Lukas Graham, DNCE, CL, Rachel Platten, Jessise James Decker, as well as Palmer Reed and Lukas Nelson. Whose material has nothing to do with My Little Pony at all. Not in relation to the film or the TV series, do their songs really fit into the My Little Pony set up. Their songs are nice, catching, upbeat, but if you were expecting them to tie into the film singing about what goes on with the ponies and characters it does not happen.

As for the material done by Daniel Ingram whose worked on the TV show and this film, getting the chance to work with an actual orchestra really bringing it home so to speak, has the handful of tracks mentioned prior, the 5 of which consists of the characters from the TV series and film itself. These tracks are truly flawless, full of energy, fun, excitement, and just amazing! Out of the bunch would have to be "One Small Thing", "Time To Be Awesome", and "We Got This", are the ones to stand out the most for this release as well as the film. They just bring in this force of attention, hyping up everything as a big full circle of wholesomeness. These tracks being a lot like the one's heard and shown in the TV series for the past 7 years and still going strong!

Overall the My Little Pony The Movie soundtrack is a decent one, with a decent amount of material, varying from the TV series, that is crossing over to a film, ties it altogether, to create something more unique, and rather genuine. If you are a fan of the TV series that is My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, then surely the My Little Pony The Movie both film and soundtrack will do you just nicely.

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