Michael Askin - Nashville

Every artist or band thinks that they are truly unique and original, but of course they do, it is what they do with music creativity and no one does it like Michael Askin. A singer/songwriter of sorts with the uniqueness ability to combine everyday slice of life imaginary with a larger theme in philosophical. After that was set into effect though, this mystique guitarist/singer/songwriter went on to be in various bands, then he would fly solo releasing his own source of work, including a recent song made single titled "Nashville".

The song coming off his recent EP "Road by the River" released this year, how the track holds up to its accompanying release though is rather shall we say nice quality. The vocal chords and instrumentals are done really well, everything brought together sounding really nice throughout. The song itself bringing that country rock vibe to life within this song, and with it having a title like "Nashville". The one spot where all country music is known the most, this track really enlightens that aspect, and embraces it more so than it should.

But that is a good thing, it is good to showcase something the music comes from somewhat. Again Nashville, TN is a place where country music is known as well as other places too, but it is usually the spot everyone looks too in terms of country music most of the time. In any case though "Nashville", as this single is just fine and dandy. It is a nice track you can sit back and enjoy hearing, no matter where or when that may be the case. It is one that never gets old or boring, you can listen to it as many times getting a different feeling for it each time through.

Michael Askin as an artist both solo and in bands, works both ways easily. He has got the skill set and craft minded whit's to create music his own way. That is what he has done with this EP and the song that comes from it. Creating music is a building path that takes lots of time and loads of effort. This song being catchy and upbeat, a lot like the other country rock tracks in existence, but his song just is more out there, with being unique.

In terms of the lyrics, their context are rather hard to say, it sounds as if this track details about a life where you figure out what to do. How you would live another lifestyle altogether, but you end up in Nashville, seeing how things form out there. That is likely what this track entails possibly, otherwise not so sure about it. In reality though it is just a track that is nice to hear.

Michael knows how to put music in its proper place and it just works that way. "Nashville", from the EP "Road by the River", is likely just one of those tracks. It keeps that country vibe running and rolling right along, taking the next creative path with it, as it is building upon what is there already.

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